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Jessica Heidemann

Jessica has been competing in dressage from the age of 13 and discovered eventing when she was 15. She graduated from Western Washington University in 2002 with a degree in Management Information Systems. She was hired by the college immediately upon graduation to run the computer system in the Student Health Center where she has worked part time ever since. Jessica has a gift for seeing a project through and persevering no matter how big the obstacles might seem.

Her exemplary management skills are not unique to her work at the college. She is dedicated to the success of both her horses and her students and understands that communication between trainer, horse, and rider is vital to success. She tailors her training programs to meet the specific needs and desires of each of her clients both equine and human. She encourages active participation, whether the goal is a safe riding partner or an international competitor.

Jessica understands that dressage provides a strong foundation for all riding and that it is vital to success in eventing. Her understanding and commitment to the training scale allows her to help each horse develop to their full potential. She loves bringing horses and riders along and seeing them succeed through the levels. She has experienced great success at the international level and has the dedication and commitment to help horse, rider, and owner, achieve whatever their dream may be.

For more information on lessons and training, contact Jessica at

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